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glitter maker

"Playing with my eyes wide shut"

Born in New Jersey and being in the Manhattan club scene at an early age she always found herself surrounded by talented DJ's and musicians who moved and inspired her. The former deep house dj Holly go lightly changed her name, genre, and style of mixing. With her deep passion for music and insatiable appetite for fun mixed with her desire to see how far she can push the crowd her unique and sometimes trippy mixes make her one of the most exciting DJ's to watch today. Combining sexy house with dubstep,  tech house with opera, or deep house with Ella Fitzgerald are just some of the mixes that make her unique. Playing festivals, hurricane Sandy benefit shows, lounges, nightclubs, now private parties and resorts have made her diverse and ready for anything. Her next step is music production, taking her unique mixes and mash ups and creating something NEW! 


Contact 239-947-0318